Dining Out: Mojito Tapas Bar, Henry Street, Lytham

Mojito Tapas Bar, Henry Street, Lytham
Mojito Tapas Bar, Henry Street, Lytham
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Lytham’s very nice but it isn’t Spain.

I mean there’s no bullfighting for one thing and though AFC Fylde are a decent footie side, they don’t knock the ball round quite as well as Barcelona.

Mojito Tapas Bar, Henry Street, Lytham

Mojito Tapas Bar, Henry Street, Lytham

Which means if you’re going to have a tapas bar in town, it had better be good.

Fortunately, Mojito is just that.

Located on Henry Street, in the same building as long-running Italian restaurant Portofinos, Mojito offers lovely food at – for what you get on your plate – a very reasonable price.

Many people, I’d guess, probably only use the bar to drink in. But the place serves food from noon to 10pm Sunday to Thursday, and noon till 7pm on a Friday and Saturday and I wholly recommend having a bite to eat.

The idea of tapas of course is to order a few different dishes, so we kicked off with a fishy sharing platter of king prawns, calamari and white fish.

Alongside that we went for crispy duck spring rolls with a salad and a sweet chilli dip (£4.95), baby pork ribs in a tangy barbecue sauce (£4.45) and a salad with crayfish tails (£4.50).

The idea was that we’d eat more when we’d finished that little lot, but the portions were so generous that we didn’t need to order anything else, so in effect we’d eaten out for less than £25.

The food we got was excellent. The crayfish served with the salad were spot on, really fresh and juicy. And the salad was good too – not just rocket leaves, which some places seem to pass off as a salad these days, but also cherry tomatoes and avacado.

The spare ribs came in a tasty sauce and the duck rolls were full of meat. The fish sharing platter was superb, the white fish particularly moorish.

What bumped our bill up was the drinks, especially as Mrs C – perhaps light-headed from the sunny weather – decided to test out a couple of cocktails. Add to that a couple of beers for me, plus a coffee, and the overall bill came to £50.25.

But the food was a bargain, the service excellent, and the surroundings nice and relaxed.

It’s also a place to people-watch as the evening grows and the bar gets busier. Thoroughly recommended.

Rating: 8/10

Menu choices:

Mare - deep fried king prawns, calamari and white fish, served with peri peri mayonnaise

Insalata di Mare - crayfish tails, avocado, rocket and cherry tomato with a balsamic dressing