Dining out: Check out the wine list at this Fylde coast eaterie

Spago in Lytham
Spago in Lytham
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Some people might claim romance is dead, but Valentine's Day is still one of the busiest times of the year for most restaurants.

And why not, because despite the supermarkets' efforts to woo us with their 'dine in' deals, eating out means you don't need to argue over whose turn it is to do the washing up.

Salmon caprese

Salmon caprese

And if you're looking for somewhere a little bit special, Spago certainly hits the right notes in terms of style and sophistication.

But with starters all around the £10 mark, first impressions are that it is not the cheapest destination.

There are some eye-watering prices on the wine list as well (£2,750 for a 1982 Bordeaux!). No wonder you have to pre-order and pre-pay.

Thankfully the 'key wine' selection is a bit more affordable, and we found a Sicilian Pinot Grigio at £19.95 to be perfectly palatable.

Goats cheese

Goats cheese

Perusing the menu, there is a wide choice of garlic breads and bruschetta just below the £5 mark, or else a starters and fresh seafood selection with ingredients ranging from calamari to camembert.

I didn't choose it this time, but the Japanese plate consisting of tuna and salmon sashimi, tempura prawn and oyster with dressings certainly sounded intriguing.

Much more safely, I opted for rack of baby ribs, with the succulent meat falling off the bone.

There was probably enough for two, and my husband Clive had to help me out to finish off the portion.

Baby ribs

Baby ribs

His own starter was goats cheese served with various accompaniments including celery and apple pannacotta and beetroot puree.

The cheese was served cold and proved a lively appetiser before our main courses arrived.

Clive's preferred choice was pasta served with slow cooked beef and onions ragu from the specials menu - but unfortunately this had proved so popular it had sold out.

But his back up choice of rigatoni Amatriciana, crispy pancetta, onions and chilli in a slow cooked tomato sauce, hit the mark.

The sauce was full of flavour thanks to the chilli, while not being too spicy.

There are plenty of options for vegetarians such as butternut squash ravioli and Italian porcini risotto, and it's refreshing they don't all rely on cheese.

I chose from the mains menu which encompasses a wide offer from beef rossini to pork belly, rack of lamb and chicken breast.

But the baked salmon caprese with tomato and buffalo mozzarella, wrapped in filo pastry caught my eye.

Pleasingly, this was served with seasonal vegetables, sweet potato fries and salsa verde meaning there was no need to order side dishes, although these are on the menu for those with larger appetites who fancy an extra portion of vegetables or some chunky chips.

There is also a great choice of pizzas ranging in price from £8.95 to £14.95 for calzone.

Look out too for Spago's special offers.

On Sunday nights for example there is a deal which includes two roast dinners and a bottle of wine for £30.

So while you can really push the boat out at this restaurant and rack up an expensive bill, it is also possible to eat here without breaking the bank.

Unless of course you are ordering from the Connoisseur's wine selection!

Our bill came to £67.