Dynamic duo a home town hit

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Robin Duke

They say what goes around comes around so having started his career as a pop group drummer it’s no surprise to see Clive Webb back behind his kit in the latest edition of this long running manic miscellany.

What is surprising is that it’s taken 15 years before the locally based funnyman and his son Danny Adams have showcased the full version of their show on home turf.

Granted they gave a sample of their mayhem at last year’s Blackpool Magicians’ Club Convention and won the Ken Dodd Comedy Award – and they reprised their highlights at this year’s event as comperes for the Sunday Gala Show.

But it took Showzam! to bring the whole show to town and judging by the reaction of youngsters only too happy to be squirted with water, splashed with foam and barely given time to think what they’ve just seen, they have clearly identified a niche market.

Former Tiswas team member Clive is still as mad as a hatter whilst Danny has evolved into a clowning character of the first order – a sort of fusion of Lee Evans, Billy Pearce, Bobby Ball and Mooky. Around them they have recruited a hard working team of singers, showgirls and speciality performers such as perfect stooge “Mad” Mick Potts, Russian hula hoop spinner Alona, chair balancer TJ Roberts and the wardrobe malfunctioning vocalist Christina Catelina.

Slapstick, chart hits, too many pratfalls (“that wasn’t supposed to happen” becomes a catchphrase!), a 60s styled pop band and ear drum shattering explosions all make for two hours of unpretentious madness.