Dim view of broken lights

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Fears have been raised faulty lighting on Blackpool Promenade could lead to an accident.

Street lighting on the shared space on Central Promenade has been out of action for several months after cables were damaged in storms at the beginning of the year.

Bispham-based taxi driver David Palmer has warned the lights need to be fixed before the nights get darker.

He claimede motorists may not be able to see people along the section of carriageway designated as ‘shared space’ for cars and pedestrians.

He said: “it is vitally important the shared space area on the Promenade is well illuminated during the hours between sunset and sunrise as it is often quite difficult to spot a pedestrian on the west side of the promenade if they are dressed in dark clothing.

“It is even more difficult when you have headlights from oncoming cars shining at you and also when it is raining.

“Visitors to the town, indeed when they are sober, have difficulty defining what is the road space and what is the pavement.

“You can imagine how much more confusing it is for them when they have been drinking, so it is vitally important to make the area well illuminated.”

Coun Paul Galley echoed Mr Palmer’s concerns.

He said: “We are talking about a number of street lighting columns being out of action since last April on a major road in Blackpool, and that shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

“Repairs must be done as a priority.”

Blackpool Council said it was aware of the situation and repairs were underway.

Coun Graham Cain, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for tourism and leisure: “There’s been a problem with the cabling on some of the Promenade streetlights, which was caused by storms damaging the electrical cabinet earlier in the year.

“With the darker nights closing in, we have already fixed some, and are working to get all the lights turned on as soon as possible to make sure that they are working in time for the Illuminations.

“Obviously, safety on the road is of the utmost importance and if anybody spots a faulty streetlight, you can report it at www.clp.uk.com/blackpool or by calling 0800 096 1438.”