Did you know that these 16 films were all set in Blackpool?

From the Illuminations to the famous Tower, our town has drawn more than just tourists over the years.

Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:25 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 6:09 pm

The bright lights of Blackpool has also attracted movie story writers who have used the Hollywood of the north to set their blockbusting tales. Have you seen these films?

A fantasy film directed by Tim Burton, Mr Barron forces Miss Peregrine to trap herself in bird form and takes her to Blackpool, leaving Jake, the children, and Miss Avocet as prey
A British musical comedy film starring Harry Hill, with his diesel drinking nan and misdiagnosed hamster, as they take a road trip to Blackpool in their Rover P6

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John sees a beautiful woman staring through the window of a dance studio. Haunted by her gaze, he impulsively jumps off the train, and signs up for ballroom dancing lessons, hoping to meet her.
Steve Coogan is a well-meaning but ineffectual probation officer, who is facing a tribunal after all of his colleagues in his department in Blackpool submit complaints against him
A gay-themed romance film. At a gay club in Blackpool, Matt meets Craig (Steve Bell), an unemployed youth who makes ends meet as a backroom bareknuckles fighter.
Tommy Fawkes is the son of comedy legend George Fawkes. After his own Las Vegas comedy act flops, Tommy returns to Blackpool where he spent the summers of his childhood
A community group of British women (mostly Punjabis of various faiths) of different generations, take a group day out to the Blackpool Illuminations.
Sista dansen (The Last Dance) is a Danish-Norwegian-Swedish 1993 film directed by Colin Nutley. A Swedish woman is found dead in Blackpool. Was she murdered?
This thriller is set in Blackpool, where trained chemist Jim Harding has been reduced to making a living peddling potions and medicines from a fairground stall with colleague Dan Collins
The Rogers family visit Blackpool for their annual holidays, and have difficulty finding rooms; but are befriended by a wealthy young man who takes them to stay in his haunted mansion
A top French acrobatic act, the de Lisle twins, are hired by a British promoter to perform in his Blackpool show. While they are working there one of the twins falls in love with a cigarette girl
Cotton Queen, also known as Crying Out Loud, is a comedy film. Its Lancashire setting was an attempt to capitalise on the popularity of the George Formby series of films
A comedy film directed by Lupino Lane. While on a family holiday in Blackpool, a mild-mannered man is mistaken for an international spy
Gracie Fields stars as a resourceful, determined working class heroine, laid off from her job in a clothing mill, who has to seek work in the seaside resort of Blackpool
At a circus in Blackpool, a violent rivalry breaks out between two of the performers over a woman. Here, Evelyn Holt poses on Blackpool beach wearing a silk pyjama bathing suit, between filming in 1927
In the (fictitious) Lancashire mill town of Hindle, Fanny Hawthorn is packing her suitcase in preparation for her annual summer wakes week holiday to Blackpool with her friend Mary Hollins