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Russell Kane Posturing Delivery - Grand Theatre

IT’S generally women who are known to talk about their biological clock ticking away.

But it seems to be something on Russell Kane’s mind as he devotes his new show to raising a child - well, raising an imaginary child from birth to adulthood on stage that is.

“I’ve got body builder’s testosterone packed into a peperami – but why should girls be the only ones to talk about this?,” he asks.

His child, ‘Ivan’, is merely a concept from which Kane can muse over parenting dos and don’ts and tell some comical family stories.

And they are certainly worth telling – the packed out Grand Theatre was in stitches throughout his lively Friday night show.

From bullying his brother to clubbing with his Mum – they are all stories which make for good comedy.

But the impressive thing about Kane is his descriptive story-telling and gift of getting the audience to relate to his life.

He made a bee-line for a 14-year-old lad sat in the front row, fighting his corner for why teenage boys should have locks on their doors.

“Mums don’t understand the concept of knocking. Dads know – they knock and then come back ten minutes later.”

His energy knows no bounds. Even at the end of his set , which was a good hour and a half, the camp comic (who felt the need to explain: “I am straight by the way. I know it’s not immediately clear.”) is still prancing, twirling and skipping around stage.

With that kind of energy, when the time actually does come for him to be a father, Kane will certainly be the cool dad in playground keeping everyone laughing.