Daughter of a comedy king

Charlotte Dawson wants to keep her dad Les' work alive.
Charlotte Dawson wants to keep her dad Les' work alive.
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Les Dawson’s girl Charlotte tells Emma Harris about her own budding acting and showbiz career.

HER deep blue eyes and expressive face may look familiar to many people.

Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson

But until they know who she is, they might struggle to pinpoint why.

There is a definite hint of her dad about her. She can even mimic his famous gurn (inset)!

And Charlotte Dawson – daughter of much-loved late comedian Les – is certainly following in his entertainment footsteps.

The 19-year-old, from Lytham, has just landed a starring role in a musical which hopes to take the glamorous lives of footballer’s wives to the West End stage.

She will play the Natasha Giggs-style role in WAG! The Musical, set to open in London in June.

“I know quite a few wags, although I’m not one myself - I know what they are like and the glamorous life they have.

“People say I look like a wag. I think it will be great fun.

“It will be completely different to the project I last worked on, so that will be interesting.”

Her last project saw her playing a French stripper called Sexy Simone, in touring production A Bed Full of Foreigners.

“It was great fun. It was a really good experience, getting to go to so many different places.”

Charlotte is also currently working on filming for a northern comedy, called Rough and Ready - which she is enjoying.

“I love the northern sense of humour. I love living in Lytham. If a chance came up which meant moving away, then I probably would be willing to, but Lytham will always have a special place in my heart.”

Charlotte had already become well-known, not just as Les Dawson’s daughter, but also for her stint at modelling.

She said: “I did enjoy modelling, but I prefer acting and presenting – it allows a lot more of my personality to shine through.

“I recently presented Fylde’s Got Talent. It went really well and I really enjoyed it – it was so much fun. I’d definitely like to do more things like that in future.”

Charlotte has clearly inherited her mum Tracy’s kind-heart, as she sees the importance of doing work for charity. I like to do things to help out charities - such as Christie’s, which was my dad’s favourite charity and also Donna’s Dream House, which does wonderful work.”

Charlotte’s next big project is working on a museum of comedy, in her dad’s memory.

The former Arnold School pupil said: “I want to create the Les Dawson Comedy Hall of Fame.

“It will be a sort of museum, with exhibits and memorabilia, but I want it to be interactive and fun. I also want it to be about other comics from the same era as my dad.

“We will have his scripts there, pantomime costumes and we have recently uncovered some unseen items, which it would be great to share with people.

“And of course, we would have a grand piano and his cheque book and pen.

“Some of these items have been locked away for a long time, I just want to share them with people, so they can enjoy them too.

“It’s very important to me to keep his memory going, keep his legacy going. I was very young when he passed away and never got to know him, but I feel like I know him, through all the pictures we have round the house and video of him.

“We recently found some video of him with me when I was a baby, of our first Christmas together.

“The Fylde coast is the perfect place to keep his memory going forever.

“I love the comedy carpet in Blackpool and feel that would tie in really nicely with a comedy hall of fame.

“It’s just in the planning stages at the moment, I’m having meetings and so on.

“But I really would like to get things moving on it, as soon as possible. I would love to have it ready for when I’m 21.”