Daredevil challengers to leap from Blackpool’s Big One

Base jumpers are preparing to tackle the Big One
Base jumpers are preparing to tackle the Big One
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Daredevils will be putting their nerve to the test tomorrow morning as Blackpool Pleasure Beach hosts the first ‘Big One base jump’.

Three adventurers will experience the ultimate white knuckle ride when they take a leap of faith from the 235ft-tall rollercoaster.

Base jumping is the adrenaline rush activity of jumping from buildings or high spots, with a parachute launching instantly to allow them to glide to the floor.

A Pleasure Beach spokesman said: “The Big One has thrilled millions of visitors over the years but now the iconic rollercoaster is going to play a part in one of the most adrenaline fuelled activities ever witnessed at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.”

Julian Deplige, Lewis Jones and Daniel Witchalls have jumped from many of the world’s most famous buildings and will demonstrate the amazing spectacle from the UK’s tallest rollercoaster, filming the event as they jump.

The challenge takes place at 9.30am tomorrow.