Danny to bring another famed role to The Grand

The cast of Saturday Night Fever strike a pose, fronted by Danny Bayne
The cast of Saturday Night Fever strike a pose, fronted by Danny Bayne
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When your two biggest roles on stage have seen you recreate two of the coolest characters on the silver screen, you must be doing something right.

That’s the position Danny Bayne is in, as he prepares to head to Blackpool next week - starring in Saturday Night Fever at the Grand Theatre.

Danny got his lucky break on the stage playing Danny 
Zuko, on TV talent search Grease Is The Word eight years ago then spending two years in London’s West End.

And now he’s playing another of John Travolta’s famous roles; Tony Manero, the down-and-out dancing mechanic, famed for his white suit and smooth moves.

“It does seem like I’m making my career being John Travolta and being cool,” Danny said.

“Tony is a wonderful character to play.

“Danny Zuko is very one dimensional and Tony isn’t at all. He’s about five different people, he has all these different faces; he’s different at home to how he is with his friends, at work, with Stephanie and in the club.

“With Danny you do a silly laugh and walk a certain way and that’s it, Tony you can really make your own.”

The stage version of the classic 1977 film, sees the Brooklyn youth, escaping his dead-end job by dancing in the local club for an admiring crowd.

Danny added: “There’s a real range of emotions. You go from a fairly happy teenager to someone realising he is in a dead-end job and living in a slum.”

This latest production of the musical is an actor-musician version, combining the high energy dance that the story is known for with skilled musicians and an on- stage band.

For Danny, besides creating his own version of the iconic role, this role have given him the opportunity to add another skill to his CV - mastering the famous Staying Alive riff on guitar.

“I’m not a musician,” he admits. “I’ve got enough with everything else, but I do play guitar though, at the dance show. I play that one riff and then put down the guitar.

“I had to learn those few chords and a few picking moments.

“I did try to play guitar before and failed miserably and never tried again.”

With training under his belt at one of London’s top musical theatre schools, Danny auditioned for ITV show Grease Is The Word when he had already secured a with the musical Daddy Cool as he finished college.

“I was going to be a dancer in that, and was more than happy,” he said. “But I thought ‘why not take that chance?’

“And it paid off. It’s a really hard industry, people think it’s glamourous but it hardly ever is, but you have to get strong emotionally and move on when it doesn’t go your way.

“I’ve had my run of nos, after auditions, for six or seven months, and sometimes you go into an audition knowing it’s not going to be right.

“Then, every now and then a show comes along that you know you’re right for, for example this and you do everything in your power to get it - and in this case, I was lucky enough, and that’s amazing.” So it seems Danny really should be dancing.

l Saturday Night Fever, Grand Theatre, Blackpool, Tuesday to Saturday. Call (01253) 290190 for tickets.