Couple have Edge in entertainment

3/04/2010. WEEKEND.Opening night of The Edge at Poulton Street, Kirkham. Kelly and Ian Calvert.
3/04/2010. WEEKEND.Opening night of The Edge at Poulton Street, Kirkham. Kelly and Ian Calvert.
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Former Poulton and Kirkham publicans Ian and Kelly Calvert are hoping it will be third time lucky or their latest venture.

Having run one of Poulton’s most successful bars, The Edge, they then less successfully tried to make the Cube in Kirkham a similar winner.

But now they are back, and set to put FY1, on Blackpool’s Queen Street, back on the map as The Edge (Blackpool).

They took the venue on last week and admit it has had a chequered history – and several name changes – since being converted into a three-floor bar by entertainer Joey Blower (who no longer has any connection with it).

With Kelly as licensee, they intend to be there at least five years and have been encouraged by the initial reaction.

“Last weekend was our first one and we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of trade we did – though the hours are a bit of a struggle,” said Ian, who will be dusting down his DJ deck again, as well as looking after the karaoke. FY1 has a 5am Friday and Saturday licence and is open seven days a week from 11am.

“We are definitely changing the name to The Edge, because it has a proven track record,” says Ian. “We established an excellent reputation in Poulton and people know what they are getting with the brand.

“In retrospect, the Kirkham move perhaps wasn’t the best idea – it wasn’t our town and I don’t think the place was ready for what we had to offer.”

With their new venture, they are hoping to run the ground floor as a lively bar with some live entertainment, the middle floor will be for karaoke and the top floor for chilling out and private hires.

“I want to bring the bands back, though they have to be more acoustic based because of the size, and Kelly wants to re-establish the Sunday night Toast sessions we ran in Poulton, with musicians just turning up to join in with a fairly resident line-up.”

With The Edge in Poulton now looking it has closed for good, the couple are also hoping to pick up some of their former regulars from there.

“We established a good reputation where people knew they were going to get value for money and good entertainment,” said Kelly. “We see ourselves as an addition to what is already on offer there rather than being in competition with people.”

Ian added: “We have all sorts of things in the pipeline.

“The Edge in Poulton was the first venue Ska Face played, we had the American Beatles before anyone else and we brought back the Gutter Band to the Fylde coast. I’d like to establish that sort of reputation on Queen Street.”

He’s currently on the lookout for acoustic acts, one-man bands and new talent. Contact him on 07928 278701.