Circus with a purpose aiming to thrill Blackpool families

Joel Hatton ringleader at Circus Starr which is bringing two free shows to disabled and disadvantaged children in Blackpool

Youngsters from across Blackpool are to get a free glimpse inside the big top as a  “circus with a purpose” hits town.

Circus Starr is to bring two relaxed, inclusive shows for an audience of 1,000 local disabled and disadvantaged children and their families.

And the ringmaster will be former Blackpool and The Fylde College performing arts student Joel Hatton.

The Blackpool connection does not end there as Mexican clown Chico Rico will be juggling potatoes as part of his act, supplied by Harrowside Chippy, run by the family of Joel’s partner Ashleigh.

The circus tent will be pitched at the nearby Solaris Centre and the 31-year-old social enterprise will have facilities to cater for all, including a mobile changing places toilet with hoist and adult sized bench.

The shows are funded by local businesses.

Michelle Crossley, from Circus Starr, said: “We create a wonderful world where children with difficult lives can share in the excitement of live performance, have fun and be amazed.”

Any business that wants to help can call 01260 288690.

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