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Tower Circus - Mooky and Mr Boo
Tower Circus - Mooky and Mr Boo
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Best of Blackpool - Blackpool Tower Circus

One of Blackpool’s longest running showbusiness success stories is currently one of its best kept secrets.

While Tower operators Merlin Entertainments carry out their major developments and renovations inside and outside the historic building, producer and director Laci Endresz Snr must be thinking there are better ways of celebrating a 20 year association with its unique circus than seeing bewildered customers trying to find their way in.

Those who do locate the elusive entrance underneath the temporary shroud whilst work is in progress and opt to pay the newly introduced stand alone admission will be relieved to discover that it’s business as usual for the international cast and its leading men Mooky and Mr Booo.

Part new faces, part greatest hits, Best of Blackpool is another fast moving production which zips along at just under two hours.

The Endresz boys have grown up under this indoors Big Top – Mooky becoming one of the country’s best known clowns (as well as mastering various other skills along the way – check out his trapeze spoof and piano playing) – and Bubu adding an extra “o” to his Mr Booo straight man persona every season as well as mastering juggling skills.

And they both make the most of every minute in the limelight.

This year’s cast sees the Romanian Stoian Troupe present record breaking bar and springboard acts, Argentina’s Los Diablos Del Fuigo couple their ever popular metal ball spinning Bolo Bola routine with some fearsome drumming, the nine piece Athuma Zulu Acrobats create some gravity defying human pyramids in a delightfully non politically correct fusion of African and Jamaican influences and the young Flying Habana troupe from Cuba adding the production’s biggest wow factor with some heart stopping trapeze skills high above the ring.

Add some impressive piano top solo balancing, a smooth silk routine, an authentic looking artificial elephant, a comical Michael Jackson tribute and a topical Black Swan finale (oddly though not with music from Swan Lake) with the always effective but show slowing water fountains and there’s plenty going on for the ticket price.

The show runs until November. Performance times vary. See the Gazette what’s on listings for more details