Chubby’s still chasing new gags after 46 years

Roy Chubby Brown starts his season at Viva on Thursday, August 21
Roy Chubby Brown starts his season at Viva on Thursday, August 21
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Even the middle of a tour, Roy Chubby Brown is still checking his scripts on a daily basis.

Keeping the gags current is evidently important to the notorious comic, and he’s not shying away from even the most controversial of subjects.

He said: “The trouble is, people only read the headlines and sometimes you have got little stories inside and something will be quite humorous about that which you have to explain to the audience.

“In Blackpool, a lot of the audience has been on the beach all day and half the time they haven’t even seen the news.

“It’s humour, and it’s what they will be doing about me when I go – the fat jokes will come out, ‘it’ll take three days for the fire brigade to put out the crematorium’.”

With 46 years in the business, Roy is something of a master in knowing ‘what you can get away with’, something he says each comedian needs to master – and obviously the boundaries are broader when you have the reputation he does.

“All my jokes are written near the knuckle, but I’ve been doing this job for 46 years and I’m still working,” he justifies.

“I could have retired five years ago but I really enjoy what I do.”

He looks back on visits to Blackpool – where he begins a monthly residency tomorrow night at Viva... Blackpool! – with fond memories, meeting fellow comics in The 
Queens for drinks after their shows.

“Blackpool has been my 
apprenticeship,” he said.

“When I started going in 1953-54 it was a family resort – it was 2pm for a deckchair, and ice cream and chips. Now it’s a different culture and you can’t blame me for that.

“Frank Carson, Roy Walker, Les Dawson, the Krankies, Danny La Rue, Cannon and Ball and all the rest would come back and have a chat about the shows. So many of them are gone now.

“I hope it does goes back to the family feeling and I get a letter from the Queen.”

Roy Chubby Brown, Viva... Blackpool!, tomorrow, September 25, October 23, and December 28, 7.30pm.

Call (01253) 297297 to book.