Cabaret act fights for life after Spain attack

David Wenzel and Emma Lousie Dickenson
David Wenzel and Emma Lousie Dickenson
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A cabaret singer from Blackpool was left fighting for his life after being attacked by a holidaymaker in Benidorm.

Dave Wenzel, 52, suffered two brain haemorrhages, a fractured skull and a burst ear drum after he was knocked unconscious by a punch to the back of the head before collapsing and banging his head on the pavement.

Door staff at a bar close to where the 2am unprovoked attack took place on British Square alerted the emergency services and collared the attacker.

Emma Louise Dickenson, who performs alongside Dave in the Spanish resort, said they are now concerned his injuries could affect his career.

She said: “Dave was walking home from work when he was attacked. He had walked up to a crossing when someone just randomly punched him in the back of the head for absolutely no reason at all. As he fell he banged his head on the pavement. Staff from a bar close by saw the whole attack and ran over to help. They called the ambulance and held the attacker who was a British tourist until the police arrived.

“This whole incident has had a profound effect him. I think he’s suffering from some sort of post traumatic stress.”

The attack took place on August 13.

Dave is one half of the former Fylde’s coast cabaret act Smartmove which performed regularly throughout the summer seasons at the Layton Institute on Westcliffe Drive.

He moved to Benidorm eight years ago looking for further performing opportunities. The 52-year-old spent more than two weeks in hospital recovering. Emma said: “Dave is slowly improving each day. He still suffers from vertigo, poor co-ordination and his ear is still bad.

“The hospital said Dave was really lucky his ear drum burst during the attack as it helped to relieve the pressure building up in his brain.

“Obviously, we are really worried about his hearing. If it doesn’t get better it will really affect his singing and possibly his career.

“However Dave is a really determined character who always achieves what he puts his mind to.”