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The Crucible - Thornton Little Theatre

A powerful and atmospheric night of theatre was in store for Thornton audiences last night as Poulton Drama brought The Crucible to the stage.

Despite a basic set, the group brought the terrifying tensions of the Salem witch trials to spine-tingling life.

Poulton Drama put forward a strong cast to play a range of complex and flawed characters.

They were superbly led by Michael Holdsworth as John Proctor who gave a very passionate and physical performance. His despair and anguish under interrogation made mesmerising viewing and you could have heard a pin drop in the final scene as he struggled with his conscience deciding whether to save his life.

Elizabeth Proctor was given a sympathetic showing by Lisa Holmes who conveyed both her wounded suffering and her strength and courage.

The scheming teenagers were suitably sickening in their murderous deceit, especially Holly Marie Laurence as a chillingly calculating Abigail Williams. Her transformation from wholesome puritan girl to menacing harlot, was utterly convincing and made the court’s belief of her tales utterly plausible.

Ann Thompson shone as the constant voice of reason as Rebecca Nurse and Huw Rose was also strong as a disenchanted Reverend Hale who turns the back on his God in a desperate attempt to save lives.

Jonathon Brown was a perfect example of the self serving vanity and vengefulness which led to the hysteria. Good supporting roles throughout brought a harrowing element of humanity and despair to this dreadful interlude in history. A gripping night out.