Bondy’s back... for a one-off

Andrew Bond record launch
Andrew Bond record launch
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FORMER Blackpool-based singer-songwriter Andrew Bond returns to his home town to play a one-off gig at the Blue Room on Church Street tomorrow.

Andrew, who grew up in Bispham, has spent years travelling the world and performing music.

In 2007, he left his day job at the Norcross civil service offices to go on a round-the-world journey that would feature exotic locations such as a chateau in the south of France, volunteer projects in the Ukraine, India and Thailand, as well as spells in Vietnam, Laos and...Huddersfield.

Since 2008, Andrew has been based in Perth in Western Australia, where he now runs his own open mic night, while courting the affections of music fans, gig promoters and local record labels.

His ambition is to make a full-time living from his music and it is a quest which sees him travel far and wide throughout the world in pursuit of new audiences and new experiences.

But his love of his hometown has brought him back to the Fylde coast to stage a comeback with his specially-formed backing group, Bondy2012.

Featuring local musicians Alan Gillhespy, Barry Parkinson, Steven ‘Pedro’ Pellatt and Steve Trenell) the band was named as a joke after Kony2012, the viral internet campaign which has spread around the world in recent months.

But there the comparisons with sinister African warlords end.

Bondy (as he likes to be known) has never received so much as a speeding ticket, so accusations that he would seek to raise an army of child soldiers for his own gain are wide of the mark, he says.

It’s a sense of humour which he hopes will set him above the folk stylings of many of his singer-songwriting peers.

The Blue Room sees him launch his new EP, Gilded Tunes From The Winged Horse Of Melody, and also features appearances from bands Triphazard from Liverpool, the Novatones from Southampton and Velocets from Stockport.

It’s Bondy’s first release since his 2006 album Closer To The Lamplight and it is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Taking in Taking in influences such as early David Bowie, The Beatles and Radiohead, Bondy creates songs and a sound uniquely his own. Soon after the gig he will be flying out to Australia to launch the EP in Perth, and begin the next leg of his adventure.

Follow Bondy’s progress around the world at: