Bolton charm wins through

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Paddy McGuinness - Blackpool Opera House

BINGO, bottle bottom spectacles and a lot of Boltonion charm filled the stage as Paddy McGuinness came to Blackpool.

His appearance was the second night of his Saturday Night Live tour – and film clips of Phoenix Nights, Max and Paddy and game show Take Me Out were ample warm up to get the packed house giggling.

The comic seemed relaxed enough as he continued his comedic career without side kick Peter Kay. He had clearly done his homework as Fleetwood and Grange Park girls were the subject of a few sly digs.

The first half seemed a little practised from rote – at one point, he lost his train of thought and had to pop quickly back stage to check his notes.

He was unfazed by his slip however and his set was punctuated with his own surprisingly high pitched giggles.


By the second half, any second night nerves appeared to have melted away. A slightly bluer tinged set scored him plentiful laughs as hen parties, the pressure of honeymoon romance, traditional tramps and the trials of getting older were the topics.

Fans of his dating game show Take Me Out were in for a treat as three unlucky male audience members were invited to dance for the affections of a bottle bottomed spectacle wearing, mobility scooter riding femme fatale.

And an aged Cher wannabe and some tracksuit-wearing dancers throwing shapes to the Outhere Brothers gave a suitably bizarre finale.

There was no doubting Paddy McGuinness’ personal popularity and the audience’s affection for the Boltonian more than carried the show to success.