Blue Room rocks

Rock Quest 2009 heat 1.'Goonies Never Say Die.
Rock Quest 2009 heat 1.'Goonies Never Say Die.
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The first of two mini rock festivals starts tonight at the Blue Room in Blackpool.

Between 7.30pm tonight and midnight on Sunday some 40 bands and performers will take to the stage of the Church Street hostelry – with another 40 repeating the exercise over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Later At The Blue Room is an mini indoor festival will features 10 acts each night and the format is set up in the same way the Later With Jools Holland television programme works, with two stages set up in the venue. As soon as one act finishes at one end of the pub the next starts at the other end. And there is even a fake Jools to compere the night. It runs from 7pm until late every night and is £2 to get in.

The full line-up at time of publication is:


7.30pm - Daniel Mahon; 8pm - Lost In Last Week; 8.30pm - Sky Valley Mistress; 9pm - We Come In Pieces; 9.30pm - Bill Orrick; 10pm - Go Heeled; 10.30pm - Dododeaddead; 11pm - Goonies Never Say Die; 11pm - Apache Viking; midnight - Senton Bombs.


7.30pm - This Dirty Swamp; 8pm - Big Door Open; 8.30pm - Hello Bamboo; 9pm - Secrets Of Kaplan; 9.30pm - Effluence; 10pm - Naomi’s Blood Diamonds; 10.30pm - Metonia; 11pm - Deafen The Creatures; 11pm - Idol Minds; midnight - Last Breath.


7.30pm - Carpe Diem; 8pm - Driven Overboard; 8.30pm - Mitford Rebel; 9pm - Dirty Daggers; 9.30pm - Kinchinlay; 10pm - The Privileged Few; 10.30pm - Escort Knights; 11pm - The Temps; 11.30pm - The Colours; midnight - Go Ban Jo Wolski.


7.30pm - Veasey. 8pm - Voo; 8.30pm - Don’t Start Fires; 9pm - Rain Bailiff; 9.30pm - Container Drivers; 10pm - Hammer No More The Fingers; 10.30pm - Juno and the Mook; 11pm - Switchboard Spectacular; 11pm - Escape Artist; midnight - Litterbug

Updated listings can be found at or follow the event at