Blackpool is a 'war zone' claims singer Coleen

Blackpool-born TV presenter Coleen Nolan
Blackpool-born TV presenter Coleen Nolan
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Blackpool-born singer Coleen Nolan has condemned the resort as a 'war zone'.

In a column for a national newspaper, the singer and Loose Women presenter claims that nights out in Blackpool leave her "speechless".

She wrote: "Young men and women, stags and hens, stagger from happy hour to happy hour, slugging back fishbowls of cocktails until they are slumped half-naked on the street, legs akimbo, in pools of vomit."

She adds that the binge drinking culture is the reason that she no longer lives in the resort and adds that before they moved, she and her husband's cars were regularly smashed up.

She has become the second celebrity to have a pop at Blackpool in recent days, after Jeremy Clarkson claimed the town is full of "drunks, drug addicts and Syrian refugees".

His comments met with a robust response from Blackpool's major Peter Callow, who suggested he take a long drive off a short pier.