Riffs on Station Road, South Shore, rings the changes tonight with its first ever folk themed night.

"We're four girls who all write songs, all sing harmonies and all play the acoustic guitar," says Patsy Matheson, from the headlining all-girl Leeds area group Waking the Witch.

"My background is in indie music, so between us we've created a new kind of sound - I suppose you could call it indie acoustic," says Dave Creffield, who has produced the new Waking The Witch cd, Boys From the Abattoir.

It's no coincidence that the album has been produced by Dave, famous for his work with Leeds band Embrace.

Dave, who produced Embrace's platinum selling The Good Will Out and who has also worked extensively with fellow Tykes, The Kaiser Chiefs, heard about Waking The Witch following their performance at the Leeds Independent Music Awards in January last year.

Immediately his interest was aroused. "I really wanted to be involved with Waking The Witch," he says. "They are amazing singers, guitar players and arrangers, and this CD features some of the strongest songs that I have heard in a long, long time.

"Not only are they completely cool to work with but they also cook the most fantastic curries you've ever tasted."

The result of the collaboration is an album that brings an edgier, more urban Waking the Witch than previously.

Still very much in evidence, are the four girls' trademark acoustic guitars and lush vocal harmonies but this time round, all the songs are backed by a powerful rhythm section, and, on the gothic anthem, Me Leaving Me, the distinctive, stirring electric guitar of Bruce Watson (from Big Country).

Other guests include Fluff (Incredible String Band) on cello and violin, Jon Burr (The Bluebirds) on harmonica, Jon Short (Jon Strong Band, Deep Sky Divers) on bass, Mick Bedford (Tasmin Archer) on drums, Dave Bowie (Burden of Paradise), double bass and James Goodwin (Flook), percussion.

The quartet exploded on to the UK live acoustic music circuit in 2004 and no-one really knew quite how to pigeon hole them.

Three years later, they have three acclaimed albums and a shedload of gigging experience.

But now, with the release of this album, and the fusion of Creffield's indie influences and the Witches acoustic roots, the group is happy to accept the new genre 'indie acoustic' label.

The band consists of Rachel Goodwin, Patsy Matheson, Becky Mills and Jools Parker, and is considered to be very much a live outfitr.

Details of tonight's gig from - or ring (07738) 304512. Support by Mike Rolland and Glyn Bailey (profile on page 8). Admission 10.