As subtle as an Exocet and not much funnier....

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Girls’ Night In - Grand Theatre, Blackpool

NOTHING succeeds like success and nothing is more likely to fail than trying to repeat that success with something just about based on the original – but nothing like as good.

Umpteen follow-up pop and rock songs have left their creators high and dry as one hit wonders, a string of Hollywood films should have left well enough alone by not attempting a sequel and now playwright Dave Simpson should have rejoiced in having a stage hit with Girls’ Night Out then moved on to something completely different.

He should also not have plundered quite so dramatic clichés – a cast doubling as adults and their children, a pair of parties in neighbouring semi-detached houses, swingers and a cross-dresser, a multitude of vibrators, errant teenagers and adult infidelities. All good stuff in the right hands – all a hiding to nowhere in the wrong ones.

This is sex in the suburbs, as subtle as an Exocet Missile – you can see every punchline coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

If you ever pondered the answer to the Zen question “What is the sound of one hand clapping” the answer was almost here at curtain down last night.

Robin Duke