Singing star Rae’s the face of clothing range

Rae Morris in the new advert
Rae Morris in the new advert
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Fashionistas will be falling in Love Again with a new range - promoted by Blackpool songstress Rae Morris.

The singer-songwriter has been revealed as the latest face of the Lancashire-based brand, with her next single the soundtrack to their advertising campaign.

The company contacted Rae to use Love Again, and flew her to Dubai for filming.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to get the song on television,” she said. “Boohoo suggested I be on the advert - it is crazy to be in a television commercial!

“The whole campaign is about people coming together.

“It feels like a long way from being at school in Blackpool.”

Love Again is already building up air play ahead of its May 4 release date, following up the catchy track Under The Shadows which accompanied the release of album Unguarded.

And the young star has been named on the line-up for some of the summer’s biggest festivals, including Glastonbury, T In The Park, Bestival and Truck Fest among others.

“I have wanted this kind of summer for a while, playing festivals after releasing an album,” she said. “I’ll be going from one festival to the next and I’m really excited.

“It’s a privileged position for me to be in, to be able to go to so many major festivals.”

One of the highlights of the year will be Rae’s return to Lytham Festival, where she will play the opening gig at Lowther Pavilion, a new stage showcasing acoustic acts.

“I’m really excited about Lytham Festival,” she said. “It feels like a big deal having a show at home and it feels really special.”

Last summer Rae played Lytham Proms’ Saturday night show, supporting Sir Tom Jones, and back in 2011 she reached the final of a competition to support Status Quo.

“I’m not sure how appropriate I would have been,” she laughed. “I was about 17 and at the very beginning of everything, and came second. At the time it felt really big and was quite a landmark for me.

“I get quite daunted by home-coming crowds anyway, just because there are familiar faces in and there’s something so wonderful about it. But it’s a great chance to see people too - and my nana will be there as she lives in Lytham.”

It’s been a busy year so far for Rae, with her album released in late January, followed by a UK tour and European dates in recent weeks.

“It’s wonderful,” she said of the time since the album was released. “There was so much build up to that one moment of release day, it was like getting married or your birthday.

“And the gigs were so special; people know the words now and were singing along.

“It made a huge difference after a lot of support tours and being the unknown one, which is an adventure, but there’s something amazing about people knowing your music and being there to hear it.”

And the former St George’s High School pupil was snapped at this year’s Brit Awards, featuring on Vogue magazine’s website’s best-dressed selection in a striking cobalt blue suit.

“I went to the Brits last year, just to have a look, but this was the first time I did the proper experience,” she said. “I walked the red carpet and had photos and it’s such a different world. I really enjoyed the music, and seeing people who deserve to win things.”

While this year’s Brits came a bit too soon for Rae to be recognised, can she imagine being among those deserving winners in 2016?

“Next year? We’ll see, I’ll probably watch it at home,” she said, in typically understated fashion. The Brits aren’t something I’ve ever thought about. I remember watching when I was 15, 16, and it being so unobtainable.

“When it’s your own music, I can’t see how people perceive it, and whether it’s having that kind of effect. There was an immediate response from people around me, but those in the wider circles? We’ll have to see and hope for the best.”

* Rae Morris, Lytham Festival - Pavilion stage, Sunday, August 2. Tickets cost £15.50 from