SHOWZAM! - 3D attraction a headturner

The Showzam! Festival
The Showzam! Festival
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IT’S not quite on the same level as Aladdin’s magic carpet – but this 3D art certainly caught the eye of passers-by in Blackpool.

The carpet, which created an optical illusion making people think they were flying high above the resort, formed part of a day of entertainment in St John’s Square while street performers wowed the crowds.

The attraction was created by graffiti artist Replete, who worked tirelessly to make the carpet as realistic as possible, as part of the week-long Showzam! festival.

Replete said: “We had to get the Winter Gardens and obviously the Tower on there so people could identify it as Blackpool.

“It was tricky getting everything in the space we’re working with.”

The theatre group Granny Turismo – two old ladies riding shopping trolleys – were among the entertainers.

Carol Thompson, 64, of Woodhouse Road, Thornton, was among those enjoying the carpet and watching the performers.

She said: “It’s brilliant.

“It’s really good and people’s faces are a picture when the performers come up to them.”

Her daughter Kirsten, 11, said: “It’s weird but funny.

“There should be more things like this in Blackpool.”

Scott Crombie, 11, of Tyrone Avenue, North Shore, added: “It’s mysterious and I think it’s really funny too.”

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