Shaun takes big byte at computer game glory...

Computer game designer Shaun Williams of Warley Road, North Shore, Blackpool.
Computer game designer Shaun Williams of Warley Road, North Shore, Blackpool.
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What do one man, the back room of a semi-detached house in Blackpool and a hell of a lot of hard work equal?

The answer, with a bit of luck, is a best-selling computer game that could earn its inventor some well-earned cash.

Shaun Williams, a dad of four who used to serve in the Army, has come up with two games which go on sale in April and October.

Called Ghost Ship Aftermath and CDF Ghost Ship, the games are expected to sell a minimum of 10,000 copies.

That would earn Shaun, the creator, £100,000 ... not bad going for something that has cost him £300 to make.

“Fingers crossed this is going to be pretty big, though you can never say for sure,” said Shaun, of Warley Road, off Devonshire Road.

“Until it comes out then you don’t know whether people will take to it. But it’s one of the very few free-roaming games – like Grand Theft Auto – and it is going on Steam, which is a huge gaming website.

“If you’re on there worst-case scenario is you sell 10,000 copies so I’m pretty hopeful this will have been worth doing.”

Shaun, who grew up in Fleetwood and went to Cardinal Allen High School, has always been interested in designing things, whether computer games or animations or artwork.

Several of his creations have been used in short films or on TV documentaries and his 3D model of a moon-base proudly stands in the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa Bay, Florida.

“I haven’t been over to see it personally – I can’t afford it,” he said. “But they’ve sent me a few pictures and it looked good.”

He came up with the idea of Ghost Ship the computer game in November and has been spending 100 hours a week since working on it.

“It’s been pretty full-on and exhausting but thankfully my wife, Rhona, is very supportive and our older kids have been great because they’ve been road-testing the game and making sure it’s good enough,” added Shaun.

What makes it all the more impressive is that he has done it all himself.

Computer games are usually made by big companies with a minimum of five people working on each project.

“There are literally only a handful of people in the world who have managed to make a game by themselves, and those are the basic Pacman style games,” added Shaun.

“Normally a studio comes up with an idea and then they have an artist, a programmer, a designer, an animator – all sorts of different people – all working on it.

“Some games take hundreds of people and millions of pounds to make.

“I’ve done mine in three months and apart from a lot of time, the only thing it’s cost me is £300.”

Shaun has used local TV actors like Nick Cornwall and Lee Watson to voice the characters.

The first game is due out in April. For more details go to

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