Fylde inspiration of Big Apple artist

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AN ARTIST influenced by his home town was overjoyed after hearing his work was to be displayed in the city that never sleeps.

New York-based painter Simon Pocock moved away from Lytham to pursue his dream of working in the Big Apple, but says his work of landscapes on the Fylde coast remains his greatest inspiration.

He told The Gazette: “Having moved away and become a professional artist, I find Lytham and St Annes influences seeping into a lot of my work.

“It is interesting the one picture of New York City in the new show depicts a view across the river, with a low horizon and a big sky – the East River has become the Ribble, Brooklyn as Southport.”

Mr Pocock’s Big Apple exhibition will be held at the Giacobetti Paul Gallery in Dumbo, Brooklyn, from November 1 and is set to feature two landscape paintings of the Fylde coast.

He added: “Displaying two Fylde coast scenes in a professional New York gallery is interesting to say the least.

“However despite the juxtaposition of subject matter and setting, I see them simply as heartfelt postcards home – letters from America if you like – and I am proud to be given the opportunity to present these images to an American audience.

“No matter how many other subjects I paint, I believe Fylde coast pictures will always keep cropping up.”

Mr Peacock left for New York more than 10 years ago, but says he returns to the Fylde coast twice a year to visit his family.

The artist, who teaches alongside his professional work, takes inspiration for his stunning landscape from the Dutch artists Aelbert Cuyp or Jacob Isaakszoon van Ruisdael.

His Repoussoir work, which features a view across fields in Saltcotes Road and will be on display in the USA, is a much less traditional view of Blackpool.

He added: “During the time I lived in Lytham people would describe the landscape as rugged, flat, windswept, and so on, but never as beautiful or inspiring.

“However the view across the Ribble estuary or across the fields of the hinterland never fails to conjure up images.”

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