Con-troversial comic event a hit with some

Comic Con event at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool
Comic Con event at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool
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While there were complaints about Blackpool Comic Con, plenty of visitors also shared their happier experiences of the day - via the Gazette’s Facebook page, and also on the day.

Abzsta Gayton: “We had a great time but that was thanks to the other fans. It was definitely very disorganised, we didn’t know where anything was and what was on where and was disappointed that there was no Batman cars or the old arcade games that was advertised. We missed a lot but it was thanks to the other cosplayers that we had a good few hours. This was our first comic con so wasnt 100per cent on what to do, what to expect, so a programme or a map of some sort on the way in would of been very helpful.”

Blackpool Comic Con at the Winter Gardens

Blackpool Comic Con at the Winter Gardens

Katie Wheaton-Williams: “Yes there were negatives but there were lots of positives also. I went with two autistic children and we managed four hours which is brill for them. Had lots of fun and pictures taken. Got some fantastic things met some lovely people and stars, got to meet Lee Bradley who they love his work and got his autograph, and it let them see they can be OK in busy places. They just shouldn’t have sold as many tickets as the did.”

Louise Benson: “We had an awesome day. It was poorly organised inside and we found events and stalls by just going from room to room and and the queues were epic, but it was the 1st one done here so bound to be issues. The atmosphere was electric and the cosplayers were brilliant! Lessons to be learnt, such as a programme or map once inside and a quicker system for the entry, but I’ll definitely be going again next year.”

Becky Darlington: “The event was oversold unfortunately, it was a scary experience for me at one point trying to exit a room and being pushed back in by people trying to enter.”

And on the day, they said:

Martyn Thomas, 23, from Lancaster, said he had come to the Comic Con as he was a big Star Wars fan. He said: “I am really enjoying it. I did not realise how many people were going to come, I actually thought there might not be so many so I was a bit surprise. The people in costumes are great, I have seen some pretty good home-made ones and the people with the authentic Star Wars outfits look great. There was a great light-sabre display fight in one of the side rooms which was also pretty cool.”

David Barnes, from Leyland, had been to see one of his movie heroes Verne Troyer. He said: “We had to queue up for quite a while but it was well worth it. I love the Austin Powers movies so I asked him how he enjoyed acting with Mike Myers. He said it was great fun.

Siobhan Clary, from Liverpool ,was there to see actors from Game of Thrones. She said: “We queued to see Richard Madden who played Robb Stark. He is so gorgeous. We also saw James Cosmo and Julian Glover too. My brother has been looking at the comic book artists, he’s a big fan of graphic novels.

Joe Gavell, 10, from Preston, said: “I got my photograph taken with Master Chief from Halo and entered a Minecraft building competition. I came third and was very pleased. There were lots of people there and the queues to see Jenna Coleman from Dr Who went all the way down the stairs.”