Arts cash pot helping coast leave rest behind

Akoreacro Klaxon, French circus company which will headline Showzam 2016
Akoreacro Klaxon, French circus company which will headline Showzam 2016
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The next phase of work by arts body LeftCoast is to be revealed today.

The project is now half way through its three-year, £3m scheme, aimed at developing and growing involvement in the arts.

While much of last year’s work focussed on large-scale events, designed to raise awareness of LeftCoast’s existence, much of the current work is taking place behind closed doors boosting local participation.

But there are new ‘jaw-dropping spectaculars’ to come over the next six months, and into next year - with the prospect of additional funding applications looming.

After the success of running Showzam!, Blackpool’s circus festival in February, in partnership with Visit Blackpool, LeftCoast is taking full responsibility of that for 2016, with headline act, French circus company Akoreacro Klaxon announced to perform at the Tower Circus.

As Circolombia made its UK premier in Blackpool this year, the group will also premiere its new work here.

LeftCoast will also be programming some elements of the new £2.42m LightPool project, to develop the Illuminations through the town.

And in the autumn, in association with They Eat Culture, there will be a two-day event at the Winter Gardens, called Banquet, centring on food and the rituals associated with it, featuring a performance including young people from Streetlife, and ‘artist created meals’.

Executive director Julia Turpin said: “We’re really pleased with the programme that has been developed for the next six months with the support of our partners.

“Last year was a huge success and it was really fantastic to see such a diverse range of work taking place through Blackpool and Wyre, and we’re excited to build on that this year.

“There is a wealth of fantastic spaces and artistic talent in the area and we’re dedicated to joining the dots between those people and the communities around them.

“Arts and culture has the potential to be a huge catalyst for change in Blackpool and Wyre and this is an opportunity for everyone to be part of the art transformation taking place – join us and make art happen.”