Review: Hot Ice Euphoria at Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena is a rollercoaster ride to set he heart on fire

If there is one thing we've all been searching for this last year, it's escapism and Blackpool has always provided that.

Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 4:55 am
Hot Ice Euphoria at Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena

-But it's something Blackpool Pleasure Beach boss Amanda Thompson has brought to the resort for more than two decades as director of Hot Ice and 2021 is no exception.

What she has created is a fantasy world beyond the reality of the 'new norm'

On a joyful day and what marked a historic turning point for the UK with the lifting of lockdown restrictions, July 19 dubbed Freedom Day - some of the world's top class skaters set the ice on fire, quite literally, for the return of Hot Ice - Euphoria.

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Hot Ice Euphoria

Like much of the entertainment industry, the 84-year-old institution had been put on ice for 2020 but in a rather fitting return the exhilarating production is back full-speed for the park's 125th anniversary season.

And what a high speed ride it was. A kaleidoscope of colour and sharp edged thrills collided with the theatrical essence of love. The passion and grace of Swan Lake, the acrobatics of Cirque Du Soleil wrapped up in carnival fever of Ibiza's renowned Zoo Project. If it all sounds a little eccentric that's because it is.

Hot Ice Euphoria is celebrated for it's uniqueness from the original soundtrack to Oula Jaaskelainen's truly captivating choreography and it is a show that resonates particularly in a world pandemic era - the velocity, the intensity to the very dark and then light.

Amanda herself says there are 'no words to the story that unfolds' - Euphoria is a journey for the imagination, on many levels. It's a love rush through the seasons. It's fantastical and brings together a carnival of emotions, sheer elation, desire, heartbreak, envy to blissful joy.

Hot Ice Euphoria at Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena

The 36-strong cast have been locked behind closed doors in readiness for the delayed show and let loose on the arena in energetic style. Euphoria has evolved and been nurtured into something quite spectacular.

It has always been renowned for recruiting the world’s best skaters. national, world and Olympic champions have performed in the show since its inception and Chinese national champion Yu Xiaoyu is totally mesmerising throughout.

The performance value between skate and dance at times extraordinary proving Oula Jaaskelainen and Lynsey Brown remain quite the team.

And not forgetting the breathtaking breath-taking costumes, 400 in all , undoubtedly some of the best you will see anywhere in the theatre world.

Dramatic, intense and totally out of this world, a testosterone-packed night’s entertainment - If there was ever the perfect antidote to off-set the madness of the last 18 months Euphoria is it.