Punk big names on the bill for Rebellion

With winter looming, the long wait until summer seems longer and longer every year.

Monday, 16th October 2017, 12:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:17 am
Punk fans enjoying themselves at this years Rebellion Festival
Punk fans enjoying themselves at this years Rebellion Festival

However, the organisers of Blackpool’s Rebellion Festival have some news to warm the cockles of an old punk’s heart.

Organisers of the punk and new wave festival, which brings thousands of music fans to the resort each August, have already confirmed some top acts for next years four-day event.

And some of the names already confirmed are the biggest in the punk world, including The Exploited, Cockney Rejects, Angelic Upstarts, Discharge and UK Subs.

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Scottish punks The Exploited formed in Edinburgh in 1979.

Today they are remembered for an explosive rendition of their hit Dead Cities on Top of the Pops.

Their album Punks Not Dead was a big hit and the band have a massive following in Europe and the US.

Their songs have been covered by Slayer and Ice-T, and despite many lineup changes, Wattie has remained as the Exploited’s singer and leader.

Cockney Rejects, alongside Cock Sparrer were one of the original Oi bands – a movement which took punk away from the arthouse and onto the football terraces.

The West Ham supporters scored a huge UK hit with club’s anthem I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles and released three albums on major label EMI.

South Shields veterans Angelic Upstart formed in 1977 in South Shields.

Unlike many of the second wave of punk bands, the Upstarts maintained a political edge.

The Killing of Liddel Towers graved the Top 40 and singer Mensi has led the band ever since, touring and recording regularly.

Stoke-on-Trent’s Discharge created the crust punk movement single handed and today have one foot in punk and metal territories.

Their 1982 album Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing is often cited as one of the best hardcore albums ever released.

UK Subs have been on tour more or less permanently for more than 40 years.

Hit single Warhead put them on the map but the Subs have continued to release new albums for decades.

Kicking off with their 1979 debut Another Kind of Blues, Charlie Harper has led the band on tours all over the world.