Jaymi Hensley playing Joseph has been a dream come true

If you’re going to land your first role in musical theatre - joining a cast for Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat would be the dream

Thursday, 6th June 2019, 6:29 pm
Union J member Jaymi Hensley dons the famous coat for his role in Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat

And that’s exactly how Union’ J’s Jaymi Hensley sums up his reaction to finding out he would be donning the famous rainbow coat for the production’s latest tour.

Since starting out at the beginning of the year in the role, played a number of famous entertainments, Jaymi has been wowing the crowd with his very personal take on the role.

He says: “It has been a bit of a dream really -I’ve fallen in love with acting again and I’m really enjoying the learning.

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“I did go to stage school but at the time of graduating, my style, image then, didn’t really fit into those traditional castings, which is why I pursued with the singing and eventually X-Factor but I have been so fortunate to have built a career from that and now have that time to go back and rediscover and have more of a love for the stage.

“It’s just been amazing.”

Jaymi set out on tour with Bill Kenwright’s production in February and has been travelling across the country.

Jaymi adds: “I’m really excited for Blackpool to be a part of the tour.

Picture Ella Jay Pictures - Jaymi Hensley (Joseph), Andrew Geater (Pharaoh) and Chris Stephenson from Jordy, sponsors of the Blackpool Dance Festival and sponsors of the professional Latin competition -

“It’s one of those places I’ve always enjoyed performing in, with the boys on previous tours but it’s that place you always have memories from.

“I come with my partner Olly once a year as it is one of the first places we ever visited together.

"It’s fun - it’s the Vegas of Britain and just the audiences are really good and receptive.”

Proving himself worthy of wearing the spectacular coat or comparing himself to some of his predecessors is not something Jaymi has worried too much about nor has he had to.

Union J member Jaymi Hensley

He has done as he set out to do in making Joseph his own and his interpretation demonstrates why there is still plenty of life left in a production that has been showing for almost 50 years.

The reviews vary from Technicolour triumph’ to a outstanding talent’ with jaw dropping vocals’ prove he has been more than capable of holding his own, even for his first timer in a big musical production.

From the opening bars of Close Every Door, Jaymi proved without a doubt his vocals and tone were strong enough for the demands of the role.

It's rollercoaster of a show that journeys from Canaan to Egypt with outstanding vocals and rich in vibrancy, energy and flamboyancy and an excellent ensemble cast.

He adds: “I purposefully didn’t watch any previous shows after being cast, I knew a couple of the songs of course but the musical I hadn’t seen but that was better in a way as it meant I had to start from scratch, I took the script, locked myself away and went back to the whole method acting and it really worked for me.

“I went in depth with the character, what resonated with me from experiences in my own life and then put that back into the role and then just before we started on tour I put on the film with Donny Osmond’s Joseph, just in the background to familiarise.

"But it’s been such an incredible learning experience and I just feel so lucky. I have loved it.”

Joseph is on tour until July 20