Fylde teenager James Luo racks up the big bucks as one of the UK's top professional gamers

This Christmas millions of children will be unwrapping new games consoles.

Monday, 18th December 2017, 8:28 am
Updated Monday, 18th December 2017, 8:30 am
James Luo is one of the UKs top-rated professional gamer

Parents will worry about the countless hours spent in front of the TV playing the latest games.

But one Fylde teenager is well on his way to earning a good living playing video games.

Professional gamer James Luo has already won more than £20,000 playing in tournaments around the globe.

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James, from St Annes, goes by the name GreenSheep when playing online against some of the world’s best players.

His chosen game is Hearthstone, where players have to collect cards before their opponents.

James’ biggest success came when he scooped more than £10,000.

This year he won £5,500 at the Winter Championship tour in the Bahamas.

His job has seen him travel the world competing in events in countries from Spain and France to the USA.

James says his family are finally beginning to accept his unusual career choice as the winnings rack up

He said: “They were against it at first and probably still are.

“But they learn and understand it more through the news and watching the events which I compete in.”

James says that he works hard outside of tournaments in order to ensure that he’s able to compete with the best when the Hearthstone tournaments begin.

“Right now since its offseason I don’t practice that much probably, two to three hours a day,” he said.

“But when its championship season I probably play around seven to nine hours a day, sometimes even more when its near end of the month.”

James is adamant, however, that the money is not the reason he competes, rather, it is the winning.

“Normally I don’t really think about the money, winning the whole event is worth much more to me than the money is.”