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Andy Kershaw
Andy Kershaw
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Award winning broadcaster and journalist Andy Kershaw is to appear at Lytham’s Lowther Pavilion.

As a teenager he was promoting major rock gigs and was the most successful social secretary ever at Leeds University. He later went from being Billy Bragg’s driver and roadie one day to presenting Whistle Test and Live Aid the next.

He has always combined his passion for music with a curiosity and an instinct for frontline journalism, reporting for the BBC and newspapers from the world’s most extreme countries : Iraq, North Korea (he’s been four times), Haiti, Angola and Rwanda during the genocide.

He is among the UK’s most-decorated broadcasters, working for Radio 4 and, for 15 years, as a Radio 1 DJ, where he shared an office with John Peel and legendary producer John Walters. It was Andy’s enthusiasm that made him the central figure in the popularisation of world music. More recently a presenter on Radio 3, he has also worked for the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen .

Andy was born in Rochdale in 1959 and was liberated by Bob Dylan. Barely out of his teens, and looking about 11, he presented Whistle Test and Live Aid for the BBC. For most of the past 25 years he has had a weekly radio show pioneering extraordinary music from all over the world.

In An Evening With Andy Kershaw anything goes – whether it applies to foreign adventures, romances, motorcycles, nervous breakdowns or relationships with a piece of music.

Tickets for the May 18 appearance are £16.50 (concessions £15.50).