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Steph Fraser.
Steph Fraser.
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Aurovine – a new online music platform with its roots in Blackpool – launches today.

Ken Foster from Sonic Vista and local singer/songrwriter Steph Fraser’s (pictured) management team says: “Over the past 12 months we’ve been developing a new online music platform called Aurovine.

“This is big news because it’s the first major music platform to be developed and coded in the UK. Not only that but we’ve surpassed the development of the southern based software houses and also come up with a new and innovative way of buying and selling music.

“All our software is bespoke and protected. Most online music platforms are developed and based in Silicon Valley, California.”

The launch day (called ‘download store day’) has two previously unreleased tracks by Blackpool’s Section 25 amongst many other independent artists. “This is a major new Tech Startup/Online Business emanating out of Blackpool and we want to tell the world,” says Ken.

With many online music platforms to choose from, the company’s founders says what makes Aurovine different is: “We aim to take an altruistic approach and listen to what our users want in developing a lean but effective system.”

Aurovine are also concentrating on a quality listening experience. They are offering WAV, FLAC, AIF and their lowest quality files (mp3 320kbps) are still fairly impressive to most punters

“If you have to compress files, then you may as well make them listenable,” says Ken. “With consumer bandwidth and broadband speeds increasing, the compression argument holds less water day by day.”

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