Amy takes her dashing Prince to sunkissed isle

Poulton's Amy Parkinson with date Prince Ryan on ITV's Take Me Out
Poulton's Amy Parkinson with date Prince Ryan on ITV's Take Me Out
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Poulton starlet Amy Parkinson finally got her man on Saturday night’s Take Me Out.

The 34-year-old has been appearing weekly on the ITV prime-time dating show, where 30 girls try their best to win favour with a selection of single men.

During filming, Amy had impressed producers so much with her down-to-earth, Lancashire lass personality she was selected to be one of the show’s promo girls ahead of its return to screens last month.

Saturday’s show saw her paired off with Prince Ryan, a plumber from Leicester, for a date on the sunny fictional Isle of Fernando’s - which is really Tenerife.

Take Me Out, hosted by Paddy McGuinness, sees a man aiming to impress the 30 girls through three rounds as he reveals details about himself.

If the girls are unimpressed with him they turn off their lights.

Amy, a beauty student, said: “I kept my light on for him as he seemed really funny when he came down in the lift, and I didn’t go on there to find the man of my dreams.

“He wasn’t someone my mum would want me to marry, but he also wasn’t like a lot of the guys on the show who are all up themselves and that really appealed to me.”

Explaining her date’s unusual moniker, Amy said Prince Ryan had wanted a more interesting name and randomly selected the royal touch.

“They kept trying to call me Princess Amy,” she laughed.

“He had a funny VT clip too; he has got really wild, crazy curly hair, which I quite liked about him. And he has a dog, which he styles its hair like his.

“So I thought if nothing more would come from it, he would be someone to have fun with.”

Amy’s keeping tight-lipped on the outcome of her Fernando’s date, which will be screened on next Saturday’s show, but said her three-day trip was a great experience.

“Of the other four girls all picked on Saturday, three of them were who I had shared a dressing room with and the other was lovely,” she said. “So we all then became good friends.

“We arrived Sunday morning, but didn’t have to do any filming until Monday, so we had a whole day and night to enjoy it before the date.”

Mum-of-one, to three-year-old James, Amy spent two weeks filming the show in Kent, spending up to 15 hours a day in the studio.

She’s no stranger to both the small screen and stage, appearing locally with amateur dramatics group Chaddeans in Poulton and Staining, and having featured on an episode of BBC’s The Weakest Link with Anne Robinson in 2011.