A life of concrete smashing fun!

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Shaolin Warriors - Blackpool Grand Theatre

“OH NO” was the cry of one horrified audience member as the Shaolin Warriors brought their impressive display to Blackpool.

In fairness, the woman was watching a performer lie on a bed of knives, have a slab with nails put on top of him, then a block of concrete which was smashed to smithereens with a large mallet.

For Bruce Lee and Karate Kid fans it was pure heaven with plenty of sticks being smashed over heads, some lethal looking weaponry, tons of awe inspiring fight routines, agonising contortionism, acrobatics and even some meditation.

The action drew many sharp intakes of breath and even some gasps from the audience. The two young boys who demonstrated the journey of a child as he trains to become a warrior were particularly impressive. They were certainly not the type who would get picked on in the playground as they showed incredible strength, discipline and dexterity.

The scene is set very well, although only using painted backdrops, silhouettes of the warriors and atmospheric music made for a very evocative, performance.

The sight of the warriors in their vivid robes was a real spectacle and many members of the audience got to view up close.

More than 25 children were hauled on to stage to learn some basic moves.

And it was all done in good humour, with the performers correcting the stance of some pint sized Kung Fu would-bes.

It painted an inspirational picture of the life of a warrior.

And it no doubt left many of the young boys in the audience wondering where they could go to sign up.