A funny take on spiritual world

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Tony Stockwell - Grand Theatre, Blackpool

THE spiritual world was manifested through the medium of stand up comedy as medium Tony Stockwell paid a visit to The Grand.

Bums on seats may have been a bit scarce, but luckily for those curious about the existence of an after world, visitors from the other side were clamouring for space.

Whether a sceptic or not, there is something engaging about Tony Stockwell. He is softly spoken, tactful and happy to poke gentle fun at his much disputed craft.

There was no self aggrandisement as he connected with his spirits which he casually referred to as “people upstairs”. The audience spent as much time giggling at his humour as they did focusing on the departed.

There were gasps of amazement as he reeled off apparently accurate descriptions of recently purchased shoes, medical complaints, unusual habits and even unorthodox family living arrangements.

Using photographs brought in by audience members, he described one man down to his habit of wearing braces, not changing his clothes often enough and lying about what he had eaten.

He left another man amazed by mentioning how money had been found in the house after his father had died and suggested having another look in the shed.

When the trail went cold, he was the first to laugh and make a joke about it. Although not entirely convinced about the existence of a divine gift, it was undeniably entertaining.

Tony Stockwell’s performance certainly left a few questions unanswered.