The Powers and the glory

Bren Powers will compete in the UK's Strongest Man finals.
Bren Powers will compete in the UK's Strongest Man finals.
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CLEVELEYS weightlifter Bren Powers has lived up to his name by winning through to the finals of the UK’s Strongest Man competition in Belfast next month.

The 39-year-old Scot qualified in fourth place at a competition in Dumfries.

And the self-employed electrician can’t wait for the finals in Northern Ireland on August 23.

Powers is delighted to be living his childhood dream as he prepares to battle against the competitors he has always idolised.

Bren said: “I’ve loved watching weightlifting ever since I was a kid. I met a lot of quality weightlifters when I was in California in 2007 and that made me want to be involved at a higher level.”

His regime has been a rigorous one, involving work in his gym at home, and Powers feels his preparation has been just right for the finals, which are spread over three days.

He added: “I feel that I can focus better in my own gym, which has been a major factor in my success. I believe I can do well. The first day involves shield-carrying (shields of a particularly heavy variety), which is definitely my strong point.”

Other events include log-lifting and car-pulling, and Powers added: “I’ll be overjoyed if I make it to the second day but I’m just glad to be in the finals.”

Two competitors are eliminated each day and it is a cut-throat competition.

Powers knows he will need every ounce of strength to go the distance and is grateful for the help of bodybuilding shop ProMuscle.

“ProMuscle have aided me a lot for a while. They have made me feel stronger and have improved my muscles massively. They will certainly come in handy for the finals. It will be a huge boost.”