Hard work to do before we party

Nick Royle for Fylde
Nick Royle for Fylde
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FYLDE RU look to secure the National League Two North title at home to Manchester tomorrow.

Fylde are overwhelming favourites to do so – and in some style – against a side that have lost every match this season, scoring just 178 points and leaking 1,572 in the process.

And as the world snooker championship starts in Sheffield on the same day, Nelson drew on an analogy from the green baize game.

Summing up the situation prior to the visit of Manchester, he said: “The position is that the black ball is over the corner pocket and we have a clear shot at it.”

Nelson refuses to take anything for granted at the Woodlands tomorrow and says that any kind of celebration before the task is even completed is premature.

He said: “Manchester will come to try to spoil our promotion party and we just have to keep our focus and play proper, controlled rugby as we have tried to do all season. We mustn’t just try to go for glory every time we pick up the ball.

“We have to perform in the right way – and make sure we are ruthless.”

Fylde are leaving nothing to chance and will not announce their side until the morning of the match.

One absentee will be scrum-half Craig Aikman, who is away in Kuala Lumpur of all places on business.

Nick Royle will return to the side after his spell playing for England Sevens in Australia.

He was on crutches during the closing stages of England’s campaign down under but that was not as bad as it might sound.

Nelson explained: “It is just a case of England being ultra-cautious and taking no chances.

“It was a strain to his lower calf and he should be OK.”

Josh Beaumont is a very doubtful starter after suffering an impact injury on his shoulder turning out for the Barbarians in midweek.

He was one of three Fylde players in the Barbarians’ line-up – the others were brother Sam Beaumont and Paul Arnold.

They helped the Barbarians to beat Richmond 45-36 at Richmond Athletic Ground.

Flanker Mark Stephenson needs a check on a hip injury, though Fylde are hoping that centres Mike Waywell and Stephen Briers will be fit to return.

Fylde squad: Backs, Kenyon, Robinson, Royle, Brennand, Waywell, Briers, Collins, Wallwork, McShane; forwards, Livesey, Thoma, Altham, Roddam, Holmes, J Beaumont, Wells, King, Stephenson, S Beaumont, Ferguson, Thompson.