Fylde coach admits defeat was a game best forgotten

Paul Arnold admitted Fylde's defeat was a poor day's entertainment
Paul Arnold admitted Fylde's defeat was a poor day's entertainment
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Fylde player-coach Paul Arnold was scathing about the standard of the action as Fylde slipped to a narrow defeat.

Saturday saw them beaten 21-17 by Old Albanian and, as Arnold reflected afterwards, it was not a game that was going to live long in the memories of those present.

He said: “It was probably one of the worst games the Woodlands has ever seen for entertainment.

“There was not a lot going on.”

He continued: “We didn’t start well. We gave them too much time and space.

“James Shanahan (Old Abanian player-coach) had a good 20.minutes where he pulled us apart, which was not really acceptable

“We gave the players a bit of a rocket at half time.and dominated in the second half

“We played a lot better in the second half but it took us a bit of time to work them out.”

Arnold added: “It was disappointing, but we had as many as 10 players out on Saturday for various reasons

“I think we are pretty safe. Blaydon have to win all their three games with bonus points.”

Fylde’s remaining games are at Darlington Mowden Park and Birmingham-Moseley and at home to Loughborough Students.

Blaydon must play Cambridge and Old Albanian away and Rosslyn Park at home.

Hull Ionians did themselves a big favour on Saturday with a 31-26 win over Cambridge.

Macclesfield are doomed while Ionians play Rosslyn Park and Darlington Mowden Park away and Old Albanian at home in their remaining three fixtures.