Blackpool's Brian Rose has no intention of following in Scotty Cardle's footsteps and announcing boxing retirement

Rose was beaten by Anthony Fowler is his last fight in August of last year
Rose was beaten by Anthony Fowler is his last fight in August of last year
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Brian Rose insists he has no intention of following the lead of fellow Fylde fighter Scotty Cardle’s by announcing his retirement.

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Instead, the 34-year-old Blackpool boxer is looking ahead to an exciting 2020 and is hoping to have news of a big fight soon.

Rose tasted defeat for the sixth time in his career last August, losing on points to Anthony Fowler.

But the middleweight insists that won’t be the end of the line.

Rose told The Gazette: “I’m definitely going to fight again, there’s no doubt that.

“I need that routine in my life. I’m earning good money and I’m still a big draw because of my name, so I’m always going to get those big fights.

“Until that stops, I just can’t see myself not fighting. I love the sport.

“I’m not getting hurt when I’m fighting and I just know I’m going to pull something off soon in terms of a big fight.

“I’ll always take any opportunity that comes my way. I’m not scared of fighting anyone and that’s always been my motto.

“I’ll take any challenger on and I always have, especially at the peak of my career. I never said ‘no’ to a fight.

“I think if you take challenges and take opportunities, then eventually your bravery will come off.”

“I had about a month off after the Fowler fight and then I started to tick over during the Christmas period.

“If nothing came up and they wanted me to fight a six-rounder or an eight-rounder, then I’d call it a day.

“But if something I fancy comes up, then I’ll take it. No question, I’ll jump at the chance.

“I need that routine of boxing in my life, having to be at the gym at 10am, having to run at 8am.

“It keeps me sane and I’ve been doing it since the age of nine, so for me it’s all I know.

“I lost to Anthony Fowler, who is a good fighter, but there are reasons behind it. Perhaps it would have been different had I started earlier. I could even have won it.

“I still haven’t got the answers I want, and until I get those answers I won’t retire because I want closure and I’ve not had that yet.

“I honestly think if I win this next fight, there’s no reason why I can’t keep fighting.”

Unlike Cardle, who called an end on his eight-year professional career on New Year’s Day, Rose believes he’s got plenty more to offer.

He added: “I think only you know when you’re ready to retire.

“It’s all right people saying you need to call it a day, but those people aren’t putting the gloves on and getting in the ring.

“I’ve had loads of people say to me, ‘You’ve got loads left in the tank. You need to carry on.’ But they’re in no position to say that.

“I know they’re only trying to support me but they don’t know how it feels to get hit. When you’re in the ring getting hit and you don’t like it any more, then that’s the time to call it a day.

“I think Scotty was probably going to have one more fight and call it a day anyway, but I still see a future in boxing for myself.

“I showed that I’ve still got loads left in the tank in my last fight and I will show it again in the future.

“But Scotty has had a really good career. He’s won a British title, he’s done things that can inspire kids in Blackpool, Lytham and elsewhere on the Fylde coast.

“Some people can only dream of things he’s achieved, so fair play to him. He’s finishing on a high.”