On centre stage in the Sister act

Adrian Atkinson and Dave Riley
Adrian Atkinson and Dave Riley
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Blackpool South Shore Motor Club crews made the short trip to Wigan to contest the Cetus Stages at the Three Sisters Race Circuit and had an eventful rally.

Adrian Atkinson and Dave Riley’s hopes of a podium finish in the Warden Construction Mitsubishi Lancer Evo6 were thwarted by some handling problems.

They soon discovered the car was prone to under-steer, and after clouting a tyre bale on the opening stage they were constantly changing the suspension set-up in a bid to solve the problem.

Unfortunately, they were unable to find a cure and weren’t able to challenge for that coveted top-three position.

They could only draw consolation from winning the awards for finishing third in Class E after ending the rally in sixth place overall.

A snapped gear linkage ruined the day for Andy Leech and Craig Simkiss, who seemed to be on target for a top-ten finish.

That was until their Clarkson Building BMW M3 all but ground to a halt on stage four, sending them crashing down the order to 45th place.

Emergency repairs enabled them to return to the action but a troublesome day ended with them finishing 42nd overall.

Kirkham Carr Hill High School and Sixth Form College motorsport tutor Garry Houghton and co-driver Stephen Davies finished 21st overall in their Toyota Starlet.

However, their result was of secondary importance as Houghton explained: “This event was more about training the Carr Hill students to service on their first live motorsport event. It proved most successful and the sun shone, so we all enjoyed a good day’s motor sport!”

Scots crew Bruce Edwards and Tracey Louise Muir, who finished runners-up on the South Shor- organised Roskirk Stages at the same venue, won the rally in their Darrian T9.

South Shore Motor Club are appealing for volunteer safety marshals to assist in the running of next month’s Keith Frecker Memorial Stages Rally at Weeton Army Camp.

Experience isn’t necessary and anyone interested in helping should email andy.kennedy@bssmc.com for more information.