Blackpool man makes cheeky request to Rory McIlroy...and gets a reply

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy
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It’s little wonder that golfer Barry Edwards is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the postman with an extra-special delivery .... from none other than Rory McIlroy.

When Barry, a 40-year-old, self-employed builder who lives in North Shore, started a Facebook conversation with the world-renowned golfer, he never realised that he would end up being promised on of McIlroy’s prized clubs!

McIlroy, who has 960,000 followers on social media, had a few, idle moments away from his busy, global schedule to check his Facebook account and spotted a tongue-in-cheek request from Barry, asking the great man if he had a spare driver.

The conversation between the two went something like this.

Barry: “I still need a new driver.

“Any chance of one of your old NIKE ones, fella?”

Rory: “Sure. I’ll send you a NIKE covert driver. Served me well. Message me your address and my team will ship it to you.”

Barry: “Seriously? I was joking - lol. But would be very, very grateful.

“I have had mine about eight years now and it’s getting really tired.”

Rory: “No joke. Message me and I’ll have one shipped.

“Can’t guarantee 320-yard drives though!”

Not surprisingly, Barry is very excited at the prospect of receiving this early, unexpected Christmas present.

He is pondering whether it is the same driver McIlroy used when he won the Open Championship and the United States PGA Championship last year.

Social media has been abuzz with news of McIlroy’s gesture.

Barry even had a message from a well-wisher in Denmark, who had seen an item on the news.

One Facebook user posted: “An ebay special coming up from Barry Edwards later this week. Can’t wait to buy Rory’s driver.”

But Barry has knocked such suggestions firmly on the head.

He said: “Some people have said that it will be my pension but it’s going nowhere. It will be treasured greatly.”

Barry is still pinching himself at the remarkable turn of events – and McIlroy’s generosity.

He said: “Things like this don’t happen to people like me.

“I have been a big admirer of Rory’s for years and have followed him on Facebook.

“Now I am an even bigger fan and I would just like to meet him personally, shake his hand and get the chance to buy him a drink.”

When the prized driver arrives, Barry admits that he won’t be able to resist the temptation to try it out on the course for size.

He said: “I will play a round with it, though some people have said that I will only go and hit the ball over the fence when I get the chance to play with it. “It will go in glass-case and be well looked after.”

No wonder Barry is on tenterhooks waiting for the big arrival.