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Taylor's tips
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This week Lytham Golf Academy professional Alastair Taylor looks at how to improve play with the three-wood

Many golfers struggle to hit the ball consistently well with their three wood, particularly with the ball on the ground.

This is usually down to an issue with ball position in set up and a misunderstanding of what they are trying to do with the club through impact.

Many golfers believe that they should be sweeping the ball off the ground and that, in order to help with this, the ball position should be almost as far forward in the stance as it is for driver.

This means the bottom of the arc is too far back and the ball will at best be struck out of the lower half of the clubface or will be thinned or topped.

If this is similar to how you hit three wood try these two tips: 1) Move the golf ball slightly further back in the stance than normal. 2)Feel that you hit down through impact a little more than normal.

This should naturally produce a little steeper angle of attack and by hitting down a little more you will be able to present the middle of the club-face to the ball. Not only will this have more loft on the shot but the better strike will hit the ball further.