GAZETTE VIEW: Let's be clear - Oyston ruling was an annihilation

No Blackpool fan opposed to the rule of the Oyston family will have even dared dream the bitter court case would have unfolded like it did yesterday.

Tuesday, 7th November 2017, 5:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:01 pm
Karl Oyston, left, alongside Latvian millionaire Valeri Belokon

Observers were expecting a Belokon win but certainly not to the tune of £31m, a refused appeal and the most damning and withering assessment by a judge you will read.

Let’s be clear – yesterday’s court ruling was an annihilation.

And it could be seismic if the Oystons are left with no other option than to sell the club to pay off their debts. The Oystons will surely not take this lying down and go to the higher Court of Appeal to fight the judgement.

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While they could probably absorb a smaller payout, the question remains whether they have the assets – severely weakened by the ‘Not A Penny More’ campaign –to cover it without sacrificing the club.

Their lawyer has already said it will “financially cripple” the club while Belokon’s non-committal statement will hardly reassure fans over his intentions. But right now those who wanted the Oystons gone will rejoice at the glimmer of hope this most bitter of fights has provided.