VIDEO: Teenager left speechless after Fleetwood Town heroes Alex Cairns and Wes Burns surprise him with new bike after Highbury theft

Alex Cairns, Finlay Tomlinson and Wes Burns
Alex Cairns, Finlay Tomlinson and Wes Burns
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A teenager was left speechless when two of his Fleetwood Town heroes, Alex Cairns and Wes Burns, turned up on his doorstep with a brand new bike to replace the prized Christmas present stolen from the club's Highbury base.

Finlay Tomlinson, 15, from Fleetwood, went everywhere on his bike and was heartbroken when it was stolen outside Highbury in May.
Lancashire Police are investigating and the football club decided to help out by surprising Finlay with a new bike and a season ticket.
The Cardinal Allen Catholic High School pupil and his family have had some tough years.
Finlay's father Carl passed away, aged 49, in January 2016 after a long battle with bowel cancer.
Shortly afterwards, the family discovered that Finlay's eldest brother Daniel, 21, had a brain tumour.
Last Thursday was a happy day for the family as forward Burns and goalkeeper Cairns gave Finlay a delightful surprise, while the police also arrived to discuss Finlay's stolen bike.
Finlay's family were present, including brothers Daniel and Oliver, 18, and his mother Catherine.
Finlay said: "I was told the police were coming but I did not realise the footballers were coming too.
"I had been to the stadium on my bike to watch a cup final and when I came out it had been stolen.
" I had been scared to tell people what happened and I was speechless when the players turned up. I go watching Fleetwood and it is good."
Finlay's mum said the club's act of kindness provided a day for the family to cherish.
Catherine said: "We've got so many bad and upsetting memories but the stolen bike has been turned into a positive. This memory will last forever.
"We'd just like to thank everyone who got involved. It is such an amazing, lovely thing for the club to do.
"I was giddy all week trying to keep it quiet from Finlay. And then we had to get him to answer the door because he is so quiet. It is a lovely, happy memory for him.
" In 2012 my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer stage four. He said the boys would be sad for long enough afterwards, so we kept it quiet for as long as we could. He was a senior nurse at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, so he knew how serious it was.
"He had chemotherapy for such a long time but he fractured his skill and had brain tumours. That is not connected to Daniel - we have just been unlucky.
"Eventually Carl went into the hospice at Christmas time. A few months before we'd told the boys how poorly he was, which was hard.
"We planned everything in 2012. I promised Carl I would do my best for these kids. I kept going and was strong enough to help the boys with their grief.
"Daniel was in the army but came out to spend some time with his dad. Daniel had a fit one day in Blackpool. I just thought he had over-exerted himself training but it turns out he has a brain tumour as well.
"He's had an operation and is due another but unfortunately it will never go away. He has to live with it and he cannot go back into the army."
Catherine and Carl's other son, Oliver, is doing well at Blackpool Form College.
His mother added: "Despite everything that is going on Oliver has pushed himself and excelled in music. His dad got him a really nice drum kit and I think Oliver has put all his emotion into that. He also plays guitar and piano and is going to Salford University in September.
"We have been very unlucky but I am fortunate to have three lovely boys. I have a really good family and we make the best of it."
The Fleetwood players were delighted to help. Cairns said: "They are a lovely family and it is nice to come here and give them a little bit of joy.
"We want to get everyone together, not just in the club but in the community. They pay their money to watch us, so to give a little bit back is the least we can do."
Burns added: "Finlay is a big Fleetwood fan who has had a hard time, so we were pleased to give him a season ticket as well as a new bike."