Sack Mac and talk to us, Blackpool fans tell Oyston

Blackpool Supporters' Trust have called for Owen Oyston to meet them to discuss the club's future, and for manager Neil McDonald to be sacked.

Friday, 13th May 2016, 8:44 am
Updated Friday, 13th May 2016, 9:45 am
Steve Rowland
Steve Rowland

The owner laughed off BST’s attempts to buy the club last year and pledged not to sell because he loves Blackpool FC.

BST chairman Steve Rowland said: “It was curious and surreal to hear Owen say he doesn’t know what the fans want. For the last three years we’ve been trying to open dialogue with him and the club. If he’d done that, he’d know exactly what we want.

“BST remain prepared to sit down with Owen and explain exactly what we feel is wrong.”

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Asked what BST would like to say to Oyston, Rowland said: “We want to see massive changes at the top of the club. That will be the start of sorting things out on the field.

“I feel the club needs a director of football-type figure and a competent chief executive to run it. We also need a new manager and suitable investment in the team to make sure we return to League One at the first attempt.

“Legal action against supporters should also be ended and Karl Oyston should stand down as chairman of the club.

“If he (Owen) is not prepared to do those things, we’ll tell him he should sell up.”

Manager McDonald dropped strong hints last Sunday that he would not be staying and the following day’s club statement made no mention of him.

But with no announcement since, Rowland said: “I don’t think McDonald is the man to take us forward, I never thought he was.

“He’s probably a very nice guy but I don’t think he’s got the ability to get the best out of the players.

“Tactically he’s not of an attacking mind, which we’ve always been when we’ve had success in the past. He needs to be replaced.”

Oyston has again told how he saved the club from extinction 27 years ago, and boasted of its huge asset base and strong financial position.

Rowland acknowledged this but said: “If the owners have done the right thing and the club is so cash rich, then why are we in this position?

“Of course it’s important to be financially viable but if you’re not succeeding in the football what’s the point? The fans are there for the football and will walk away until they get better football.

“Thousands won’t come back until there is change.”