Sunday Alliance club of the week: POULTON SFC

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If David Moyes is looking for advice, he could do with giving Kenny Mew a call.

The Poulton SFC boss was in a similar situation to the Manchester United boss at the start of the season, having taken over the champion club.

Poulton SFC (red shirts) v Northern Care, at AFC Blackpool's ground.

Poulton SFC (red shirts) v Northern Care, at AFC Blackpool's ground.

Under Alan Cocker, Poulton had worked their way through the leagues and finally won the Sunday Alliance title last season.

The popular boss decided to call it a day, leaving his side on the verge of folding ... until Mew came along.

He merged the champions with his mid-table finishers Molloys, something he admits didn’t come without problems.

Mew explained: “I managed Molloys last season and at the start of this year we merged with champions Poulton. The squad we started with had a few Molloys players and the rest were from last year’s Poulton side.

“We decided to keep our ground at AFC Blackpool but keep their name (Poulton SFC). It’s been a real eye-opener for me having to merge two sides.

“It’s hard to get two teams to know each other’s game and work together. I do feel a bit like David Moyes, to be honest.

“Everyone had an opinion and it took a while for us to find our feet.

“We always said the first season would be about finding out feet as a club and seeing where it takes us.

“If you look at the current leaders, Blackhurst Budd, they’ve been together for a few years now and it shows in the way they play.

“We have got better as the season has gone on and I’m sure we’ll continue to grow.”

Poulton lie fifth, 22 points behind Blackhurst Budd.

But they, like others around them, have plenty of games in hand and remain in both cup competitions.

Mew added: “We may be quite a few points behind the leaders at the moment but we have games in hand, so the season’s not over yet.

“We have all the top sides to play and everyone at the top of the league has to play each other, so it’s all to play for.

“We want to finish in the top three and win one of the cups. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t.

“We are still in the divisional cup and play Clifton in the Gledhill Cup semi-final.

“The quality of the top division is much better than it has been for years. There’s real competition at the top of the table.”

On Sunday they met third- placed Northern Care and Danny Whitaker was on target for the home side, only for goals from Liam Smith and Paul Eddleston to see Care emerge 2-1 winners.

Mew said: “I wasn’t there on Sunday as I was away but it was a very disappointing result. For one reason or another, we were four players down from the side I’d picked, through injuries and no-shows.”

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