Fleetwood Town head coach Joey Barton hails the work of Highbury assistant Clint Hill

Fleetwood Town coach Clint Hill
Fleetwood Town coach Clint Hill
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Joey Barton has rated the arrival of Clint Hill onto the Fleetwood Town backroom staff as one of the best decision he’s made.

Barton’s move to Highbury saw him bring in his former team-mate, who had not held a coaching role before.

This week saw Hill inducted into the hall of fame at former club Queens Park Rangers; the ‘Forever R’s Club.’

Town’s head coach was delighted to see the recognition for the former defender.

Barton said: “I’m buzzing for him, he totally deserves it.

“Two promotions with the club, leader of the club for a long while, in terms of everything he did on a daily basis.

“Everywhere Clint goes he’s a legend. He went to Rangers, he’s a legend at Rangers, and he’s a legend in our building.

“He’s a phenomenal guy, you can hang your hat on Clint.

“He’s someone you want with you at all times.

“I’ve made some good signings here, but I’d have to say Clint is one of the best.

“We’ve got more right than wrong, that’s why we’re moving forward.

“Having Clint with me when he hadn’t coached, but knowing him as a human being, is one of the best and wisest decisions I’ve made in a long time.

“To see him grow, he’s like all of us, you don’t really see what you’re doing.

“It’s the outside compliments that make us all think ‘that’s why we do what we do.’

“To see Clint go back and get that kind of ovation from the QPR fans, because they’re the people that pay your wages, is the correct thing because he totally deserves it.”

The coaching dynamic at any club is vitally important and Hill plays his part in that too.

Barton used a particular analogy to explain the first team coach’s personality and work ethic, and said the marriage of personalities at Highbury is the right way for Fleetwood to progress.

Barton said: “If you said you were going to build a house and it takes six months to build it, and you start at 6.30 every morning, Clint would be the guy banging on your door at 6.29 going: ‘we’ve got a job to do!’ He just keeps going.

“When you see him training in the gym, he’s the same; he keeps everything on track.

“That’s the balance of the group, we have a couple of people like that.

“You need a few energisers and creatives, then you need those that put the processes in place and get the job done.

“You’ve got to have key components in place, then let them do their jobs.

“Trust that they know what they’re doing and are capable.”