No offers for Cian Bolger or any Fleetwood players says boss Joey Barton

Cain Bolger
Cain Bolger
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Fleetwood Town have not received any concrete interest in centre-half Cian Bolger, despite reports in the national press linking Rotherham with a swoop.

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Bolger, 26, won the player of the year prize for his first season at Town in the promotion quest of 2016/17.

He returned for pre-season training last week, though sources in Yorkshire say newly promoted Championship side Rotherham are eyeing up the defender.

But The Gazette understands Fleetwood have not received an offer.

At last week’s fans’ forum new boss Joey Barton said the club had received no offers for any players.

Town are looking to recruit more players, having allowed midfielders Victor Nirennold and Markus Schwabl to leave the club to free up space.

And Barton stressed he will accept no passengers. He said: “The nature of being a modern football club is that other clubs tend to want your good players.

“The lads who are here want to stay, even some who maybe didn’t before June 18 (when training began). We are getting those looks (that say) this is exciting and we want to be part of it.

“We work properly. We aren’t messing around. The lads will see that and have seen already what we are going to do. There is 100 per cent buy in from all the lads, and if somebody comes to me and says they want to go they can go.

“I don’t want anyone at the football club who does not want to be here.

“We had a potential signing a couple of weeks ago. We brought him in. Andy (Pilley chairman) did everything we could. We made him an offer.

“He decided he wanted to consider it, so we set a deadline. He didn’t take us up on the offer by the deadline.

“Ten days later his agent is phoning us. I said, ‘Look, you either want to be here or you don’t’. I don’t want people half in and half out because it is not the right way.

“If you want to be a part of what we are about to do, then you are all in. If you are not, then you are not for us and that will be the same with the players we have got.

“At this moment everybody is all in. If anybody decides the grass is greener elsewhere, then I’m sure Andy will have a figure for them and we will facilitate getting them out because we need everybody engaged.

“We are going to have Sunderland in our league next year with a £20-30m budget, so we cannot have any passengers. We are not big enough to have passengers. Everybody who is here has to contribute.”