Fleetwood Town will find a way to honour Pond

Nathan Pond left Fleetwood Town to join Salford City
Nathan Pond left Fleetwood Town to join Salford City
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Fleetwood Town chairman Andy Pilley says that discussions to find a way to honour Nathan Pond’s contribution to the club will take place.

Pond joined the club in 2003 and was with Town every step of the way as they climbed from the North West Counties to League One.

However, despite penning a one-year contract extension, the 33-year-old central defender opted for a summer move to Salford City where he will team up with former Town boss Graham Alexander.

The Cod Army will get to say their goodbye to Pond on July 6 when Fleetwood head to the National League side.

Pilley said: “Losing Pondy was unlike losing any other player.

“It is hard to imagine the club without Pondy because he has been here so, so long.

“He has been part of the magical journey that we have been on from the very lower regions of non-league all the way up to the top of League One.

“It is something that is very much on the to-do list to discuss.

“We’ve been very much in the holiday season since this happened.

“We did not anticipate it happening, we had actually extended Pondy’s contract by another year.

“However, we were always mindful that if somebody came in with a very good package and it was a longer-term deal then we should respect his best interests.

“He has a very young family and we had to do the right thing by him.

“It was one of those conversations, a bit of a tear jerker really, when he was leaving; we didn’t see it coming but we just had to do the right thing.

“What was really good was the manner of his exit, it was a very elegant exit.

“It was not a case of him being dropped and no longer featuring or shipped out somewhere; he left with a really good handshake and the door open forever.

“He has been a really big part of us and he is always welcome back.

“We have not discussed how to recognise the outstanding contribution he has made but we will do once everyone is back from holiday.”